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4 Things You May Not Know About POA’s

Some people get nervous when they think about signing a Power of Attorney. Maybe they saw a movie where a guy was swindled out of a fortune when he signed one. Maybe giving someone control over your affairs is unsettling to you. Whatever the case may be, Powers of Attorney (POAs) can seem intimidating. In […]


Important Advice on Choosing a Healthcare POA

Every estate plan needs a good helper(s). Choosing helpers can be really tough. These people will be responsible for making decisions when you can’t make them for yourself. A power of attorney for healthcare will allow someone to help you make a variety of decisions related to medical issues like treatments, surgeries, end of life decisions, […]


Kids Leaving the Nest This Fall Need a POA

When your kids get ready to leave the nest, be sure to have a Power of Attorney for them. This past Spring, Tarina, our Client Relationships Coordinator, had a front row seat to some new Edwards Group babies. The baby robins hatched from their beautiful blue shells at the end of April in a tree […]


Why You Need a Healthcare POA

What does signing a Healthcare POA do for me? We talked previously about how a POA differs from a DNR. A Healthcare Power of Attorney is a very useful legal document that provides authorization for someone to act on your behalf regarding medical care when you are unable to do so yourself. Signing a Healthcare POA […]


The Difference Between a Will, a Living Will and a Living Trust

A recent survey on estate planning found that 74% of those surveyed thought estate planning was a confusing topic. That’s no surprise considering estate planning has a language all its own. Today, we’ll sort out the difference between a Will, a Living Will and a Living Trust — three separate estate planning tools with similar names, but different roles […]