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9 Communication Strategies for Dealing With Aging Parents

“Old age ain’t no place for sissies.”  ~Bette Davis I’m sure nearly all of us can conjure up a difficult or frustrating conversation that we’ve had with aging parents or grandparents. It can be challenging even on a good day, but throw in medical decisions, independence issues, driving, etc. and it can be downright difficult […]


Caring for Your Aging Parents

Are you the primary sibling who bears the burden of care for your parents? Are you concerned about whether your parents’ finances are being handled properly? Do you think your parents should consider alternative living arrangements (such as assisted living), but they refuse? Are you doing your best to respect your parents’ independence and wishes […]


Aging and Alone: 7 Steps to Protect Yourself

In a previous post, we talked about a growing segment of people who are aging alone without the help of their adult children (either because they don’t have children or their children live very far away). These seniors face unique challenges in their 70’s and 80’s. To read about those four challenges, click here. With proper planning, […]


4 Challenges of Aging Alone

There’s a growing segment of people who are aging without the help of their adult children (either because they don’t have children or because their children live far away). Read on to learn more about the challenges this group faces. People are living longer than ever before in history. People are having less children. And […]


The Costs of Aging

Paying for nursing home care is expensive. We can help. Everyday we see firsthand how expensive it is to get older in America. It’s wonderful that people are living longer these days, but it also presents challenges for families as they try to find the best possible care for their loved ones. Let us be your […]


Who do you call for advice on aging?

When your family hits a situation where mom, dad, grandma or grandpa can’t stay at home anymore, where do you get your advice? What if a loved one is struggling with health issues that you don’t really understand? Many people turn to friends, neighbors or relatives who’ve dealt with it once before. Support from friends is […]


Worried About My Parents

Often in our lives there comes a time when the caretaker roles between parents and children are reversed. The child finds themself in a position where a parent can no longer make their own decisions or needs help navigating the difficult road of financial and health security during their later years. If you are concerned […]