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3 Myths About Retirement That’ll Cost You Money

Many people plan for retirement, but there are expensive surprises that can crop up around healthcare and derail your plans. Read on for 3 surprises about retirement that can cost you lots of money. 3 Myths About Retirement That Will Cost You Money 1. You’ll retire at 70. 22% of workers say they’ll wait until 70 to retire, […]


5 Stages of Life Care Planning

First, you’re probably wondering, “What is Life Care Planning?” Life Care Planning is a new concept in the estate planning field that came about because people are living a lot longer these days. Estate planning attorneys realized that planning didn’t just need to be “death planning” anymore, that there is a lot that can be […]


Pre-nups, Not Just for Divorces Anymore

What does a pre-nup have to do with estate planning? Let me tell you. A pre-nuptial, or pre-marital agreement, outlines how a married couple will handle their assets. It covers more than what happens in a divorce. If we assume the couple will be happily married forever, here are still at least 2 situations that may need planning ahead: […]


Our Process

our PROCESS Over the years, we’ve developed estate plans for thousands of clients. With that level of experience, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Here are the best practices and policies that make up our process: Flat Fees We do not bill you by the hour for estate planning. We work from flat fees […]


Living Trusts

In helping clients, we use various tools. One of those tools is the revocable living trust. In fact, the living trust is probably the most effective tool we have. If used properly, we can accomplish a lot with a living trust, including: Avoiding probate court Transferring assets privately after death Protecting assets from your heir’s […]


Michael Jackson: King of Pop (and Estate Planning?)

Are you tired yet of hearing about the Michael Jackson saga? One thing for sure, the gossip media should have plenty to talk about for quite a while. It turns out Michael did have a Last Will & Testament after all. (Thanks to those who sent me links to good articles on his estate issues.) […]