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6 IRA Planning Tips

Here are 6 IRA planning tips you should consider for your family: 1. Help your grandkids with their own IRA Anyone who starts an IRA early, in their teens or 20’s, will see it grow to huge amounts by retirement. But young people often don’t have the funds to put into an IRA in the […]


7 Questions to Ask In Order to Do Effective IRA Planning

IRA planning can be tricky. In order to make sure you plan as best as you can, you should discuss the following questions with your attorney and other advisors: 1. Will you need the IRA funds during your life? If not, you may want to convert to a Roth or use the RMD’s to purchase life insurance […]


3 Myths About Retirement That’ll Cost You Money

Many people plan for retirement, but there are expensive surprises that can crop up around healthcare and derail your plans. Read on for 3 surprises about retirement that can cost you lots of money. 3 Myths About Retirement That Will Cost You Money 1. You’ll retire at 70. 22% of workers say they’ll wait until 70 to retire, […]


Estate and Income Tax

Helping clients minimize or avoid taxes has always been part of the work of an estate planning attorney. However, it takes on new importance when the tax laws are in flux or people expect tax rates to rise. What are you doing to plan for future tax liability? Are you taking advantage of new opportunities […]


Who We Are

who we are We are an estate planning and elder law firm with offices in Springfield and Decatur, Illinois. Started in 2008 by Attorney David Edwards, we are solely dedicated to effective estate planning and elder care issues, offering expertise in the areas of: Estate Planning Elder Law Nursing Home & Medicaid Planning Veteran’s Aid & […]


Contributing to an IRA After Retirement

One of our clients had a question a while back: Can a retired person keep contributing to an IRA? Take a moment and learn about the logistics of contributing to an IRA after retirement. Can a retired person keep contributing to an IRA? There are many types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), but they all […]