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Important Advice on Choosing a Healthcare POA

Every estate plan needs a good helper(s). Choosing helpers can be really tough. These people will be responsible for making decisions when you can’t make them for yourself. A power of attorney for healthcare will allow someone to help you make a variety of decisions related to medical issues like treatments, surgeries, end of life decisions, […]


Why You Need a Healthcare POA

What does signing a Healthcare POA do for me? We talked previously about how a POA differs from a DNR. A Healthcare Power of Attorney is a very useful legal document that provides authorization for someone to act on your behalf regarding medical care when you are unable to do so yourself. Signing a Healthcare POA […]


2 Types of POAs: What They Can and Can’t Do

There are two types of power of attorney documents that you can use depending on what you might need done: A healthcare power of attorney is able to help arrange your medical care or make healthcare decisions for you when you are unable to do so yourself. As long as you are able to talk to the […]


4 Things You May Not Know About POA’s

Some people get nervous when they think about signing a Power of Attorney. Maybe they saw a movie where a guy was swindled out of a fortune when he signed one. Maybe giving someone control over your affairs is unsettling to you. Whatever the case may be, Powers of Attorney (POAs) can seem intimidating. In […]


Everyone Over 18 Needs One of These…

At our house we like to watch the old shows like Little House on the Prairie and Andy Griffith. Bailey, our daughter, loves watching “Half Pint” and Barney Fife. Those are great shows and they reinforce some great old-fashioned values. In estate planning, there are often changing laws and new legal strategies. But there are […]


The Difference Between a Will, a Living Will and a Living Trust

A recent survey on estate planning found that 74% of those surveyed thought estate planning was a confusing topic. That’s no surprise considering estate planning has a language all its own. Today, we’ll sort out the difference between a Will, a Living Will and a Living Trust — three separate estate planning tools with similar names, but different roles […]