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12 Duties of a Helper: What Do Executors, Trustees, Guardians and Powers of Attorney Really Do?

Every estate plan needs a good helper(s). Choosing those helpers can be tough. Your trustee, guardian, power of attorney or executor will be responsible for making decisions when you become disabled (like from a stroke or dementia) or pass away. But what exactly are they responsible for? Your helper(s) will take on many financial, legal and […]


9 Ways Elder Law Attorneys Can Help With In-Home Care

Because of the popularity of this post, we created a handout to go with it. Download the handout now. Navigating the challenges of in-home care can be a little easier with an experienced guide by your side. Here are 9 ways an elder law attorney can help if you or your loved one has in-home care: […]


Ask the Attorneys: Life Insurance (part 1)

“Is estate planning the same as having life insurance?” — Julie H   They’re not the same thing, but effective estate planning might include life insurance. Good estate planning uses certain legal strategies (wills, trusts, power of attorneys, etc.) coupled with the use of financial tools. These tools might include things like life insurance, long […]


2 Types of POAs: What They Can and Can’t Do

There are two types of power of attorney documents that you can use depending on what you might need done: A healthcare power of attorney is able to help arrange your medical care or make healthcare decisions for you when you are unable to do so yourself. As long as you are able to talk to the […]


4 Things You Can Do to Avoid a Messy Guardianship

You may have read in a previous post that Buzz Aldrin has been fighting with his children over his own competency. Aldrin’s children are concerned that he is not able to make good choices any longer… In that same article we talked with Attorney Amanda Lundeen about what everyone should know about adult guardianships. In […]


4 Things You May Not Know About POA’s

Some people get nervous when they think about signing a Power of Attorney. Maybe they saw a movie where a guy was swindled out of a fortune when he signed one. Maybe giving someone control over your affairs is unsettling to you. Whatever the case may be, Powers of Attorney (POAs) can seem intimidating. In […]