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VA Benefits

Many people are surprised to find out that they qualify for aging veterans’ benefits without having a service-related disability. The VA offers benefits that can be used by a veteran or their surviving spouse to help with costs for in-home medical care, assisted living facilities and even nursing homes. Yet, these are one of the […]


VA Benefits

Wartime veterans or their widows may qualify for benefits from the VA to help pay for care as they age. This benefit may be available to pay for in home care, assisted living, or nursing home. In order to qualify for the maximum benefit, legal planning may be needed. We work with families regularly to […]


How Innovative Legal Help Saved the Relationship of Two Sisters

This is the real life story of two sisters, an annuity, nursing home costs, and why Medicaid Planning matters. Mom did not have a lot, but she owned her home, had a steady retirement income, and had purchased two annuities. Each in the amount of $50,000. Each daughter was named the beneficiary of “their” annuity […]


5 Problems Caused by VA Financial Planners

There are financial planners out there who hold themselves as VA planners offering “free” VA benefit advice, but their “free” advice often comes with a hidden price. Non-attorney Planning Tactics Can Backfire David and Chris were in Atlanta a few months ago at the Academy of VA Pension Planners. It’s one of many professional organizations […]


Melissa Coulter, Benefits Coordinator

Melissa Coulter joined the Edwards Group team as the Benefits Coordinator in December 2014. As the Benefits Coordinator, Melissa helps clients gather the necessary details and information needed to file for Medicaid and VA benefits that will help pay for long-term care. She then follows the process through to completion gathering any additional information that’s […]