After years of working with many, many clients, we know what makes a plan work and what doesn’t.  Therefore, we have designed a planning process to overcome those pitfalls that could mess up your plan.  Here are some foundations to good planning:

Flat Fees

We do not bill you by the hour for estate planning. We work from flat fees quoted before our work begins. Read the article, “Estate Planning Fees and Our Money Back Guarantee” to learn more.

Complete Implementation

We see your plan through to the end. Estate plans, including asset titling, help with beneficiary designations, updating legal documents and educating family members involve many steps and many people. We will be with you and your family every step of the way.

Ongoing Attorney/Client Relationships

Personal relationships that last for years through a formal membership program help us to better serve your needs and the needs of your family.

Knowledgeable Law Firm Staff

Compassionate staff who can assist clients with asset titling and other vital planning questions are the building block of our firm. Their passion is helping you! Read more about our wonderful group here.


To maintain accuracy, even in the most customized plans, takes cutting edge technology. Our innovative use of technology also allows cost-effective future updating of legal documents. This means more accurate information for you, right when you need it — instant, accurate access to your most vital documents when it matters most. To learn more about one of the specific ways in which we use technology to better serve our clients, click here.

Constant Education

Education is the foundation of knowledge and power. We are committed to continually educating staff, clients, potential clients, and the community through regular contact by email, paper newsletters, in-office workshops, speaking engagements, and our web site which includes helpful articles, blog posts, videos, and audio clips.