Is our approach right for you?

  • Do you want a legal advisor who focuses daily on estate planning issues?
  • Do you prefer that your legal advisor be able to explain complex processes in common English so that you understand your options and can make an educated choice?
  • Do you want a legal advisor who can help you analyze options and recommendations based on your goals?
  • Do you want a legal advisor who is capable of compassionately supporting your choices in conversations with your aging parents or with your children and grandchildren?
  • Do you want a legal advisor who can optimize the preservation of assets and minimize your tax liability?
  • Do you want a legal advisor who stays in touch to ensure that your plan is properly implemented and stays up-to-date with your current situation?
  • Do you want a legal advisor who cares about making the entire planning process work for you, smoothly and efficiently transferring your financial and emotional wealth to the people and the causes you care about?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, we’d like to invite you to continue learning about effective planning via our blog or attend one of our upcoming events to get a feel for our team. If you’re ready to get started planning, give us a call at 217-726-9200 to schedule and Initial Meeting.

The Importance of Passing on Non-Financial Wealth

There are certain customs, beliefs and core values in every family that deserve preservation from generation to generation.

Have you given thought to the legacy you’ve received from your parents or grandparents? What important messages would you like to pass on to others?

We’d be honored to help you capture the non-financial wealth of your family in a way that will be meaningful for decades to come.

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