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Think You’re Not Eligible for VA Benefits? Think Again…

Many people are surprised that they qualify for aging Veterans services without having to have a service-related disability. The Veteran’s Pension and Survivor’s Pension Programs offer benefits that can be used by a Veteran or their surviving spouse to help with costs for in-home medical care, assisted living facilities and even nursing homes. There are […]

Power Of Attorney FAQ’s

Elisa (who handles all of our communications like newsletters, mail outs and web content) was on the playground the other day talking to some moms after school. They know what she does, so through the course of the conversation powers of attorney came up. (We’ve talked about them previously here and here.) Some good questions were […]

5 Reasons Not to DIY Your Will

I often hear people say, “I don’t need an estate plan. I don’t have an estate!” But that’s not true. Virtually everyone can benefit from having a personalized estate plan, which is, at the very least, a will. Without one, the state of Illinois will decide what happens to your house, bank accounts, cars, etc. […]

Can your estate plan pass the Down Low test?

What a Child’s Game Can Teach us About Planning… In our house, the “Down Low, Too Slow” game is very popular. It goes like this: Give me five (hand slap) Way up high (another hand slap) Down low (pull hand away before it can get slapped) Too slow!! It always gets a laugh out of […]

9 Communication Strategies for Dealing With Aging Parents

“Old age ain’t no place for sissies.”  ~Bette Davis I’m sure nearly all of us can conjure up a difficult or frustrating conversation that we’ve had with aging parents or grandparents. It can be challenging even on a good day, but throw in medical decisions, independence issues, driving, etc. and it can be downright difficult […]

The Difference Between Medicaid and Medicare for Seniors

Medicaid and Medicare are two different programs (but with a similar name). Medicaid may help with nursing home costs, as we discussed in a previous case study. Medicare is health insurance that helps seniors pay for doctors, hospital stays and prescriptions. So, does Medicare help with nursing home costs? Check out these facts: The maximum number […]