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The Truth About Six Common Estate Planning Excuses

It was recently Estate Planning Awareness Week. This concept was developed because estate planning is an often-overlooked element of financial wellness. And it’s one that is quite easy to put off thinking about. Here at Edwards Group, it’s estate planning awareness week EVERY WEEK, because we see the pain and struggles families go through when […]

12 Questions to Ask an Estate Planning Attorney BEFORE Working With Them

I often get asked, “How much does it cost to do an estate plan?” It’s difficult to answer that question without understanding more about your family, your situation, and explaining more about our process. If you called a contractor and said, “I want to build a house. How much will it cost?” would he be […]

Establishing Financial Success in a Blended Family

Attorney David Edwards recently co-wrote a book with Ron Deal and Greg Pettys. This article is adapted from that book — The Smart Stepfamily Guide to Financial Planning: Money Management Before and After You Blend a Family. Forming a Togetherness Agreement creates a financial vision for your life which leads to financial success and a flourishing marriage. Planning […]