The truth is, David serves clients the way he does because he is always learning. In fact, what he has learned in the last 6 years has much more impact on what he does, day to day, than what he learned in law school or during his early years of law practice. However, it all does contribute to serving you and your family. So, if you’re dying to know, here is his education history:

Taylorville High School, Class of 1988

David pretty much knew he wanted to go to law school in the 11th grade.  At that time, he wrote an essay for a scholarship application, saying that he wanted to be a real estate attorney, which is not exact, but pretty close to where he ended up! As the child of school teachers, working hard in school was always top priority, not because it was required, but because it was in his genes.

Dave refers to himself as a “band geek.” In high school, he spent much of his time playing trumpet in the concert band, jazz band, marching band, pit orchestra, madrigal brass, etc. David also enjoyed playing the piano and singing at church.

University of Illinois, Urbana, B.S. in Finance, 1992


Since before he can remember, David always knew he wanted to be an Illini. So, after high school that’s where he headed. In the fall of 1988, he started in the College of Commerce, first as an economics major and later as a finance major. His focus as a finance major was in studying investments, insurance, and real estate. It turned out to be a very broad, general degree covering many issues. And also a perfect degree for what he does now — helping clients cover broad financial issues as part of their estate plans.

Dave has the unique distinction of living in the same room (click HERE for photo) for his entire 4 years of college. Except for summers spent in Taylorville, David lived his entire college career at the Christian Campus House at 810 West Oregon St. in Urbana, Illinois, as part of the “3 man room” (to be distinguished from the “2 man”, “4 man” and house manager’s room). Click HERE to see a photo of Christian Campus House, circa 1988. Or click HERE to see the 10 guys who lived there in the Fall of 1988.

University of Illinois College of Law, J.D., 1995

Heading to law school in the fall of 1992, Dave was continuing on the path he started in high school. The truth is, at the time, he wasn’t 100% sure that was where he needed to be. Once he got there, he knew this was the field for him. Something just clicked. Not knowing what to expect at law school, he thought he would be average among all the other successful students in his law school class. To his surprise, he had the highest grade in Contracts I (out of about 70 students) and then repeated that again in Contracts II. Continuing on, he served as an Associate Editor on the University of Illinois Law Review and then graduated “Order of the Coif”, an award given to the top 5% of each graduating law school class. Dave will tell you that law school was the hardest work he has ever done in school, but also the most rewarding.