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13 Costly Misconceptions About Healthcare For Your Aging Parents

The skyrocketing cost of long-term care affects nearly all families these days. Seniors are discovering that the property they want to leave to their children could vanish due to high nursing home costs and other expenses that accompany aging.

Most families don’t know where to turn, even though many resources exist to help with costs, both for loved ones going into nursing facilities — and for loved ones who continue to live at home. That’s why we created this educational seminar to help you understand how you can reduce the high costs and still get the care your parents want and deserve.

At this free workshop you’ll discover:

  • The best time to plan for your parents’ healthcare
  • When it’s too late to plan
  • The 6 stages of Life Care Planning — and which stage you’re in right now
  • Why you should always plan before going into a nursing home
  • How a divorce can create huge problems with your elder care plan
  • 3 smart ways to increase your monthly income and bring peace of mind
  • 7 essential questions to ask so you have an effective plan for your last decade of life
  • and much more.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home or are concerned about paying for nursing care in the future, but cannot attend an upcoming workshop, please call call us anyways and we’ll be happy to send you materials or suggest a next step after hearing a little about your situation.

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