Medicare part d

Feeling confused about your Medicare Part D coverage? Wondering if you picked the wrong plan or if you’re spending too much?

You’re not alone!

In our first year of this program, Benefits Specialist Beth Monnat, helped 38 clients review their coverage and only 4 of them were enrolled in the correct plan! With her help and expertise, she saved those clients a total of $34,872.01!!! That’s almost $1000 per person!

This workshop will help you understand more about the process of signing up for a Part D.

Cut through the confusion and save money!

You should especially consider reviewing your Medicare Part D plan if you’re unsure of the following questions:
  • Do you know if your pharmacy is a preferred provider?
  • Did you know pharmacy plans vary greatly and can change every year?
  • Have your premiums or co-payments changed over the last year?
  • Have your medications changed in the last year?

This FREE workshop will help make sure you enroll in the best plan for your situation. 

Click here to see the Fall 2019 workshop dates.

Please call 217-726-9200 to RSVP for the workshop, or email to save yourself a spot.