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[DECATUR] Wills & Trusts: How to Get Started

Back by popular demand for the month of December! Does the thought of creating a will or trust overwhelm you? Has a loved one died leaving a big mess, and you’re determined not to do the same? Getting started creating a will or trust is easier than you think. In this 1-hour workshop you’ll learn: […]


What Is a Trustee and When Might You Need One?

You’ve probably heard of trusts and trustees before – most likely in the context of a rich kid living off of their trust fund. However, trusts are not just legal tools for the wealthy. We’ve talked about trusts before, and if you want to delve a little deeper into that subject, you can read more […]


12 Duties of a Helper: What Do Executors, Trustees, Guardians and Powers of Attorney Really Do?

Every estate plan needs a good helper(s). Choosing those helpers can be tough. Your trustee, guardian, power of attorney, or executor will be responsible for making decisions when you become disabled (like from a stroke or dementia) or pass away. But what exactly are they responsible for? Your helper(s) will take on many financial, legal and […]


The Difference Between a Will, a Living Will and a Living Trust

A recent survey on estate planning found that 74% of those surveyed thought estate planning was a confusing topic. That’s no surprise considering estate planning has a language all its own. Today, we’ll sort out the difference between a Will, a Living Will and a Living Trust — three separate estate planning tools with similar names, but different roles […]


The Checkbook Test: Can your executor or trustee pass it?

Good “helpers” are essential to an effective plan. Could the people you’ve chosen as executor, trustee, power of attorney, or guardian pass this simple test? Every Estate Plan Needs a Good Helper We talk about good “helpers” a lot, and that’s because they are vitally important to an effective estate plan. Helpers are the people who […]


5 Reasons You Need a Trust

Trusts are a very valuable planning tool. When people think about estate planning, most people think about wills. While wills are the most basic/common tool for estate planning, trusts are an incredibly effective way to plan for things that wills can’t address. Trusts can be used to: Organize your assets so it’s easier on your […]


Getting Started With Wills & Trusts

How do you know if you need a Will or Trust? Or if Edwards Group’s unique approach is a good fit for you? This 1-hour workshop is designed to help you learn the basics about estate planning. You’ll also learn about how we work, key steps in our process, and even how fees are calculated. Who Should […]