We can provide effective help and guidance for families facing the struggles of a disability.

For others. How can you best plan for your loved one who has special challenges? If you are helping them now, who will help them when you’re no longer around?

For yourself. If you become disabled later in life, how can you plan for yourself so you will be taken care of like you want? And how can your family be cared for like you want, if you are no longer able to do it?

We often work with families like these:

A child or grandchild with special needs. How do we leave assets to supplement their care, without impacting their other governmental benefits? A special needs trust or supplemental needs trust, that is customized for your loved one’s situation, can create a wonderful solution and leave you with peace of mind.

A parent or spouse facing a disability. How do we plan for a disability that has already occurred or is expected?  How do we transfer legal authority to those who need it and transfer assets so they are accessible?

Clients without close family. We have many clients who are healthy now, but know they may face a disability in the future. These clients have the special challenge that they have no close family to help them when that time comes. We help them create an effective solution to that problem while they are still healthy. Some clients are single or widowed, some have no children or are estranged from their children or other family. We work with them to create a custom solution that fits them and prepares for that day when they need more assistance. Working together, we can create a solution that cares for them as they want to be cared for, preserving independence and dignity.

There are effective legal and financial solutions to make sure you or your loved ones are cared for properly.  Let us help you.  A good first step is to RSVP to an upcoming Estate Planning workshop.