Is your business running smoothly, or is there legal chaos surrounding it? We help clients regularly with things like:

  • The type of corporate organization. Should your business be a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC)?
  • Tax status. Should you be an S Corporation or a partnership? Or something else?
  • Transitions. Buy-sell agreements and business succession issues, to plan for a time when you or another owner in the business is disabled, wants to retire, or passes away suddenly.
  • Sale of your business. Tax ramifications, liability risks, legal documentation, and financing options.
  • Maintaining your corporation or LLC. Making sure your corporate minutes and annual reports are complete.
  • Issues of being a Registered Agent. Are you serving as your own registered agent? Do you understand the risks in doing that? We serve as registered agent to many businesses, making sure all official notices are forwarded to the right people, and reminding them of deadlines for annual reports or other filings.
  • Evaluating liability risks. This includes documenting leases or other uses of property owned personally, but used in the business.
  • Being a “legal quarterback.” We help to evaluate legal risks and issues, helping the business obtain specialized legal counsel in various areas of expertise.

If you have questions about protecting and growing your business, call our Client Coordinator at 217-726-9200 to set an appointment to discuss your needs with us. Let’s see how we can help your business, making it better protected and better prepared to grow.