At some point, most families will face a difficult decision – whether a loved one needs to move to a nursing home. Maybe it’s a parent, grandparent, favorite aunt or uncle. It’s always a difficult decision, but a common one faced by families every day.

Our goal is to help those facing this urgent issue. We want to give families peace of mind — from helping them understand the options for paying for a nursing home to the legal issues and pitfalls involved. What are the risks without proper planning?

  • Lack of options for living arrangements. Without proper planning and a way to pay for it, the preferred options of staying at home or in a more independent assisted living arrangement may not be available.
  • Spending your life savings on nursing home costs. Without planning, the entire inheritance you planned to leave your kids may be gone.
  • Impoverishing your spouse. Without planning, your spouse may not have adequate funds to live comfortably after paying for your nursing home costs.
  • Decisions by the wrong people. Without planning, the people making decisions about your money or living arrangements may not be the people you would choose.
  • Needing a court to appoint a guardian. Without planning, you may need the court to appoint someone to make decisions, leading to extra expense and requiring private information to be revealed to the court.

For the family who is not sure where to turn for helpful information about this topic – this is the place. Every week, sometimes every day, we help families facing these difficult issues.

We are always ready to help a family facing a difficult, urgent situation. However, we enjoy helping families plan ahead (sometimes years in advance) even more. With advance planning, we can protect more assets, provide more peace of mind, and better guide you in making choices so your loved one can stay independent as long as possible.

If your family is facing this issue, we encourage you to contact one of our Elder Care Advisors at 217-726-9200 to discuss your situation and see how we can help. You could also get started by attending an upcoming workshop, Aging With Confidence: 9 Keys to Wise Planning & Peace of Mind. At this 1.5 hour workshop you’ll learn about effective planning across the lifespan.