December 2010:

  • Stop Thief! Is Your Wealth Up for Grabs?
  • The Death of a Loved One is Never Normal: One Family’s Struggle from the Unexpected Death of a Young Mother
  • What Good is a Plan During a Tragedy?
  • The Story of Edwards Group: A Vision for Effective, Personalized Estate Planning

July 2010:

  • Bills, Debts and Taxes: Will your debts die with you? Or haunt your family after you’re gone?
  • Big Changes Make Edwards Group Even Better
  • Thoughts on Parenting
  • Welcome Joshua and Laura
  • Introducing the Long-term Care Essentials Workshop: Nursing Homes, Medicaid and Protecting Your Assests

March 2010:

  • Your Bucket List: Estate Planning Style
  • The “Stupid Tax”
  • Keeping Your Information Safe
  • Thoughts on Parenting
  • Do You Have Trust Issues? One Family’s True Story

January 2010:

  • How Prepared Are You? A story of a baby, her parents and the babysitter.
  • Too Busy
  • Super Lawyers Rising Stars
  • Law Firm Overhead Reduced by Cutting Out Neckties
  • Meet the Team: Stefanie Siwak, Estate Plan Implementation
  • Thoughts on Parenting
  • Dave’s Flashbacks

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