Congratulations! You’ve taken a very important step in protecting your family and leaving a lasting legacy for yourself.

We’ve been in the estate planning business for quite a while, and many regrets that we see firsthand have to do with heirlooms, possessions or those intangible things that are lost when a loved one dies – like Grandma’s peach cobbler recipe that she never wrote down.

We created this worksheet to help prevent the pain and regret that comes with the permanent loss of vital information when a person dies.

You’ve taken one very important step, BUT you still need to take action. Take 30 minutes to fill out this form. Go down the worksheet item by item, and as you do think about the information you have about that item that no one else may have.


“Special Stuff” List and Planning Worksheet

Download the Worksheet to protect your legacy, avoid family battles, and shary your story.