How will your family pay for a nursing home?
Will Medicaid pay anything?
Is it possible to maintain control of assets and
protect them from the costs of nursing care?

Our FREE Paying for Long-term Care: How to Maximize Available Benefits and Irrevocable Trusts: Protecting Your Family From Future Long-term Care Costs workshops will teach you:

  • Why many nursing home residents are missing out on available benefits.
  • About planning ahead for your care and maximizing your resources. (long-term care insurance, Veterans benefits and effective use of Medicaid)
  • How to protect the healthy spouse and make it easier on your family.
  • How to know if an Irrevocable Trust fits your family’s circumstances.
  • About special uses of Irrevocable Trusts for family real estate, inheritances and jointly held property.
  • How to avoid the gamble of future healthcare costs with the use of an Irrevocable Trust.

If you have a loved one paying privately in a nursing home now, or you are concerned that the cost of care will eat up all assets, then these workshops are for you! Read more about them HERE and decide which one is best for your situation.

Upcoming Dates:

We aren’t currently offering this workshop. For information about how we can help with issues of nursing home and long-term care, please call us at 217-726-9200. We’d be happy to chat with you and determine what sort of action would best fit your needs.

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