If you have recently lost a loved one, there are many different ways we may be able to help:

  • Initial Check-up
    We will meet with you to determine what legal steps need to be taken. In some cases, we can give you general guidance that you, as executor, can pursue on your own.
  • Small Estate Affidavit
    Sometimes you may need a small estate affidavit to transfer assets in an estate. We can help prepare that for you and guide you through the steps to use it.
  • Probate
    Depending on the assets involved and how they were titled, you may need to get a court order from the probate court to proceed with the estate. We will clearly explain the steps and guide you through all that needs to be done.
  • Help With Asset Transfers
    Maybe you have determined that you don’t need anymore legal advice. However, you may want to have our experienced team help you with asset transfers, dealing with stock, real estate, bank accounts, life insurance and annuities. Do you like paperwork? Our team does, and they are good at it! Our asset coordinating team of Laura Peffley and Liis Casey work every day with asset transfer issues and they are available to help you as well. 
  • Income Tax Assistance
    Often, our experience in dealing with annuities and IRA’s on a daily basis can help you avoid or defer taxes. Let us help your family avoid a surprise tax bill because of accidental mishandling of these touchy assets.
  • Estate Tax Returns
    We can help you in preparing the federal estate tax return (Form 706) as well as the Illinois estate tax return (Form 700).

Please give us a call at 217-726-9200 if you think we may be able to help you in dealing with a loved one’s estate.