Medicaid and Medicare are two different programs (but with a similar name). Medicaid may help with nursing home costs, as we discussed in a previous case study. Medicare is health insurance that helps seniors pay for doctors, hospital stays and prescriptions. So, does Medicare help with nursing home costs?

Check out these facts:

  1. The maximum number of days Medicare will help is 100.
  2. After 20 days, Medicare requires you to pay a co-payment.
  3. Medicare only kicks in if you have a hospital stay prior to the nursing home stay.
  4. If you’re not able to make progress in rehab, then Medicare can stop paying prior to 100 days.
  5. After 200 days, or after rehab is done, Medicare will pay nothing toward your long term care. Medicare is still available to pay doctor visits, etc. but will not provide help for ongoing nursing home costs beyond the 100 days.

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