Jennifer Johnson

Legal Drafting Coordinator

Jennifer Johnson (formerly Moore) joined the Edwards Group team as Assistant Client Coordinator in 2015. In February of 2017 she became the Drafting Coordinator where she oversees the process for legal documents from start to finish at the firm. She makes sure the documents get drafted on time, printed properly, and are ready for signing when clients come in. In addition, Jennifer also works with irrevocable trust clients helping them gather assets; meets with clients to sign updated documents; and helps manage deed filing. She learned of Edwards Group through Elder Care Advisor, Melissa Coulter.

Edwards Group Meets Each Family Right Where They Are

Jennifer loves how much she is able to learn at work and feels like she has grown as an individual throughout her time at Edwards Group. She also appreciates Dave‘s ability to see the individual story of each client who walks through the door. “Every client comes in with different needs, wants, challenges, and lives — and Dave recognizes that and works with each person right where they are. It’s important to him that clients are informed and involved in the decisions they’re making, and I think that’s what makes [Edwards Group’s] plans so effective.”

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Illinois in Springfield. Outside of work she and her husband enjoy running, reading, and spending time with family and friends. Both of their families are in the area, so they enjoy getting to be so close to them.