Linda Meier


Linda first joined Edwards Group in 2015 as a bookkeeper, but her 36 years working for the Illinois Secretary of State’s office comes in handy when Dave, Laura, Liis, Amanda, or Melissa need assistance with vehicle titling or other similar processes. Linda loved her job with the Secretary of State but retired to do some traveling. She also knew she’d need a little something to keep her busy.

Fortunately, she found Edwards Group, and it has been a great fit all around – she enjoys the bookkeeping (she always wanted to be an accountant), and she uses her broader professional experiences to contribute to the team.

Linda also understands what it’s like to have aging parents and was a caregiver for a World War II veteran for several years. Edwards Group was really helpful to her as she helped care for her friend and after he passed. “It’s just a great place to work. I have never met a more compassionate person than Dave. He is so compassionate with every person that walks in that door.”

When asked what she loves most about Edwards Group, Linda replied,
“It’s amazing what can be done to help people (who are getting older). We all work as a team. We help each other with the process.”

Born and raised in nearby Litchfield, Linda loves volunteering for the Montgomery County dog rescue and fundraising for them. Her rescue poodle, Sally, can be seen as Edwards Group’s mascot for the Alzheimer’s Walk every fall. Linda also enjoys bike riding, going to the gym, and walking her dog in her free time. But most importantly, Linda is a Cardinals fan, which brings some balance to the Cubs vs. Cards rivalry in the office.