Is Your Loved One in a Nursing Home?

by | Mar 6, 2022 | Aging Parents, Elder Care Advising, Nursing Home

Is your spouse, parent, sibling, or loved one in a nursing home?

Are you worried about running out of money?

Have you been told it’s too late to protect assets?

These are common concerns we hear when meeting with clients for the first time. Our advice is this: It’s rarely too late!

Even if your loved one is already in the nursing home, you can take steps to protect their assets.

Here is some good information on the topic, but, as always, feel free to call us at 217-726-9200 for immediate help.

Call our Elder Care Advisors at 217-726-9200 so we can help assess your situation.

Edwards Group helps families with the legal, financial, and care challenges that come as our loved ones age. Our team works together to identify current and potential care needs, locate appropriate care, preserve family wealth, and support the family during this stressful time. Our Elder Care Advisors serve as a guide, encourager, counselor, resource gatherer, and advocate along the elder care journey. Call us for a free assessment and see how we can help your family!