Protecting Assets & Savings


Protecting our hard-earned savings and property is a goal for many people. In fact, it is one of the top 2 goals we hear families talk about, the other being “make it easy on my family”. After decades of working and planning for your family’s future you should feel confident that both savings and assets will be protected.

Protections are important at 2 different times:


Aging can bring many challenges and risks, the biggest being nursing home costs and scams.

1. Nursing home costs. Without proper planning, many families lose their hard earned life savings by catastrophic care costs and nursing home costs. They wish to bless their family with an inheritance, but this never happens because the money is lost before getting to that point.

2. Family scams. As we age, we risk being scammed. Sadly, some are scammed by family member. A family member scam can be nothing more than a simple request to the senior for help. But when the senior has a diminished memory or ongoing health issue, saying ‘no’ is difficult. When a senior in that situation gives more help than they can afford, the end result is no different than a scam.

3. Outsider scams. Many seniors are  scammed by strangers who make it their business to take advantage of seniors. These scammers are creative, persistent, and convincing, and often deplete a person’s savings, leaving nothing for care.



After you are gone, it is important to protect your family so their inheritance is not lost in a divorce or lawsuit, or spent wildly or too quickly. Good planning can help you protect your children or other beneficiaries both from outside threats and also from themselves.

Outside threats would include a divorcing spouse, catastrophic medical bills, financial problems/bankruptcy, lawsuits.

Threats arising from the beneficiaries themselves include:

1. Wild spending. Inheritance disappears quickly after it gets in the hands of a beneficiary who is not used to handling that kind of money.

2. Soft-hearted beneficiaries. After getting an inheritance, some people are tempted to “help out” everyone who asks. We have seen many kids whose inheritance was depleted by numerous requests from so called “friends” or family members asking for a handout.

If you’re looking for assistance protecting your savings and assets, reach out to Edwards Group for a  meeting, or attend one of our free workshops.

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