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What our clients say about working with us

“Our life is so much clearer and secure than it was 5 years ago. We find Edwards Group to be top notch and current when setting up someone’s estate and planning. We feel organized and smart in our choices from their guidance. We wanted to make our passing easier on our son, and now it will be. Thank you for all the knowledge and kindness that Attorney Dave Edwards and all the staff have shown us.”

Carol and Philip McFadden

“We contacted Edwards Group because we needed financial guidance in preparing our dad for Medicaid. They were so helpful in addressing all our needs in preparing dad for Medicaid, but also in protecting his money for whatever might come his way financially. We could not have done this without them, and now feel so secure that we have worked with Edwards Group. They are not only knowledgeable, but so kind and courteous, understanding and helpful, and always available to us. Never did we feel we had been left alone, but rather had them by our side all the time for everything. I want to thank them again for all they have done for us. It seemed like a lot of money in the beginning, but they were more than worth what we paid just for the peace of mind.”

Charlene Kinelski

“I decided to have Dave draw up our living trusts after I had attended a free presentation about wills and trusts that Dave put on in Taylorville. Dave did a great job of taking complex legal matters and explaining them in ways that make them easily understandable; plus, he demonstrated a vast array of knowledge about wills and trusts. That made me comfortable enough to decide to have Dave produce living trusts for me and my wife. The situation we addressed was fulfilling our need to leave a legally solid legacy for our heirs, with special emphasis on a special needs trust for one of our adult children who is disabled. Dave helped us accomplish all that.

Dave himself sat with my wife and I through a series of personal meetings, during which he asked pertinent questions about our situation and the situations of our intended heirs, our desires for care in case we become incapacitated, and what we wanted in terms of services after our death. Then he instructed us as to what documents we needed to collect for him and his staff, so they could make the necessary changes for entering those assets into our living trusts. Communication and time frames were always clear, and objectives were always achieved. We ended up with products that not only met the needs we knew we had, but also met the needs of needs we did not know we had; that is, until  Dave pointed them out.

After having worked with Dave then, and continuing through now because of our membership in the Dynasty program, our life affairs are more organized and ready for whatever the future brings. Dave’s Dynasty program helps us to stay on track because, as he suggested when we first finished our living trusts, life’s circumstances will change and thus revisions to our living trusts will need to be made in order to address life’s changes. Dave was correct, and we have made changes every year during that time each year when he reminds us to update our estate information; anything from financial information to details about who inherits what; how they inherit it; and when. We have found Dave’s Dynasty program to be helpful, efficient and worth the modest price charged.

To anyone struggling to decide whether to work with Dave on these vital matters of life (and death), I would say to try and figure out a way to get it done with Edwards Group. You really cannot afford not to do it. The peace of mind is priceless! Plus, since I met Dave he has built an expanded team of professional, helpful and genuinely nice people, so you will enjoy working with these folks.”

Ray Gates

“When discussing an estate plan for our farm with different lawyers, we always felt as if they wanted to lead us down a path that we didn’t feel was right for our situation, and they never, NEVER, gave us an estimate of the actual price to finalize an estate plan. After attending a workshop with Edwards Group and making an appointment to get started, they outlined our personal plan, discussed how they would set this plan into motion, how much it would completely cost, what was expected of us supplying information to assist them, and when it would be finalized. Since then we have told several folks about this program and we will continue to spread the word.”

Jerry and Judy McCullough

“We needed to make arrangements for a parent’s imminent death as it related to a family farm… Our families were protected from the negative impacts of inheritance, while at the same time received all of the positive requests we presented to David Edwards. He is not the typical attorney. He is very caring, but honest.”

“I know it sounds very cliche, but having Dave Edwards and his staff get [our] records in order and updated is a HUGE peace of mind. They were very thorough and organized. It was well worth it! Everyone should do this! We owe it to our families — for their financial security and the complete clarification of our wishes.”
Jeff & Janet

“[The attorneys] made the process easy to understand and comfortable to deal with. Some topics are hard to deal with. These people and staff make it much easier.”
Leroy & Judy

“A heart-felt thanks to the team of patient and talented people at Edwards Group! They helped me navigate through my parents’ unique estate planning issues, and subsequently helped close the estates after they passed. The foundation of this firm is on high moral ground, and I highly recommend them.”

“David explained and answered all of our questions. He was very patient with us. John and I are at ease now that we know our daughter will have an easier time taking care of our affairs when the need arises. Thanks again, David.”
John & Irene

“I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for all [Melissa] has done on behalf of my parents. [She] navigated us through the very difficult Medicaid process with humour and expertise. My parent’s case presented several unusual difficulties, but [Melissa] met each challenge with grace and ease, which was very reassuring to me.”


“Liis did a great job helping me work through my husband’s estate after he passed away. She is very caring and compassionate and carefully explains everything step by step.”


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