Estate & Elder Care planning for your family’s future

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Hear how we’ve helped our clients:

“Our life is so much clearer and secure than it was 5 years ago. We find Edwards Group to be top notch and current when setting up someone’s estate and planning. We feel organized and smart in our choices from their guidance. We wanted to make our passing easier on our son, and now it will be. Thank you for all the knowledge and kindness that Attorney Dave Edwards and all the staff have shown us.”

Carol and Philip McFadden

“After having worked with Dave, our life affairs are more organized and ready for whatever the future brings. To anyone struggling to decide whether to work with Dave on these vital matters of life (and death), I would say to try and figure out a way to get it done with Edwards Group. You really cannot afford not to do it. The peace of mind is priceless!”

Ray Gates

“When discussing an estate plan for our farm with different lawyers, we always felt as if they wanted to lead us down a path that we didn’t feel was right for our situation, and they never, NEVER, gave us an estimate of the actual price to finalize an estate plan. After attending a workshop with Edwards Group and making an appointment to get started, they outlined our personal plan, discussed how they would set this plan into motion, how much it would completely cost, what was expected of us supplying information to assist them, and when it would be finalized. Since then we have told several folks about this program and we will continue to spread the word.”

Jerry and Judy McCullough

We understand that feeling unprepared can be scary, and the idea of planning can be daunting, so Edwards Group makes it easy:

We evaluate your family's needs


We evaluate your family’s needs

We tailor a plan that’s right for you


We tailor a plan that’s right for you 

You feel secure and well prepared for the future


You feel secure and well prepared for the future

Upcoming Workshops

GriefShare Workshop

GriefShare Group

GriefShare Group

October 25, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at Edwards Group LLC – Springfield $45.00

It hurts to lose someone. GriefShare brings help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, family member, or friend. Edwards Group Chaplain, Carla Green, along with her husband

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Articles that help you get prepared

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7 Things Every Executor Needs to Know Before the Funeral

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Elder Care Advisors: Helping People Age Well

Elder Care Advisors: Helping People Age Well

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The Myth of a “Simple” Will

The Myth of a “Simple” Will

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Together we can avoid an uncertain future

Edwards Group has helped hundreds of families find peace-of-mind with sound guidance and careful planning