About Edwards Group

At Edwards Group, we believe:

You can create an estate plan that’s more about meaning than money. We’ll show you how to build a plan based on the values, causes, and beliefs that matter to you.

You can be charged clearly and fairly for attorney services. We use a flat fee structure, not a running meter.

You can make planning for your legacy a multi-generational experience. We understand it’s not about transactions and typing documents, it’s about your family.

You can successfully secure your family’s future. We’ll help you develop a plan and a process that will consider all contingencies and work the way you intend.

You can have a trusted, knowledgeable advisor on your side. We hope to develop an ongoing relationship with you and be an integral part of your advisory team.

You can pass on much more than financial wealth. We make sure you pass on your wisdom, values, and family traditions—this non-financial wealth deserves special attention.

We know that with the right guidance and preparation, everyone can have the tools and plans needed to accomplish their family’s goals.

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Why we started Edwards Group

In 2008, David Edwards ventured out to start a different kind of law practice, one that allowed him to work with his clients, not just for them.

In order for this shift in philosophy to work, his clients needed to know more about effective planning, and how it impacts them and their loved ones. So, David started creating educational workshops, an extensive blog, informative videos, and a website full of helpful resources — all in an effort to educate his clients about estate planning and elder care.

Taking the time to understand your family’s needs.

Edwards Group has helped hundreds of families find peace-of-mind with sound guidance and careful planning