By the Numbers: A Look Behind the Scenes at Edwards Group

by | Jun 21, 2011 | Elder Care Advising, Estate Planning

5 of 5 The number of Medicaid applications approved for our clients in the past 5 months. A perfect record! Giving peace of mind to 5 families, despite some complex situations requiring creative (but totally legal) strategies.

43 The number of hours Laura spent on a recent Medicaid application. Medicaid apps have plenty of potential pitfalls, plus they require old fashioned hard work to sort out 3 years of financial records showing everything that has happened.

52 The number of families currently enrolled in our Dynasty Membership Program. These families have an “extended warranty” on their estate plans. As a member, they get our help and reminders about keeping their plan up to date.

98% The percentage of Dynasty members in 2010 who renewed for 2011. Actually, this was a little drop, after having 100% renewals the prior year.

6 The number of Edwards Group employees after the addition of Nancy Bauer as Assistant Asset Coordinator. She will work alongside Laura to keep our clients organized and their assets funded to coordinate with their estate plan.

These are a few of our numbers. What are your numbers?

  1. How many years has it been since you updated your will?
  2. How much estate tax with you face at your death?
  3. Will your family know what number to call if something happens to you?
  4. If you need nursing home care, how much of your savings will have to be spent on it?

If you’re not sure of these numbers, sign up for a Long Term Care Essentials workshop or call us at 217-726-9200 to set an initial meeting with Dave.