IMPORTANT info for Veterans and their Spouses

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Elder Care Advising, VA Benefits

Do you know anyone who is a veteran? Are they over the age of 65, and did they serve during wartime (World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War)? If they are struggling with the challenges of aging – activities of daily living, living independently, grappling with the onset of dementia – they don’t have to struggle alone. There are people and veterans benefits that can help.

Many Veterans who are in need of assistance now due to aging or declining health may be missing out on benefits. While the word has gotten out and more veterans than ever know this program is available, many still don’t know they are entitled to benefits and how those benefits work. 

The “Aid and Attendance” program is generally for wartime veterans over age 65 who need assistance with daily living. These VA benefits can help pay for in-home care, assisted living, or even a nursing home. (Get our handout on who qualifies and how much you can receive.)

Our long-term care clients are often veterans. Therefore, as part of our Elder Care services, we assist families in making sure they receive all the veterans’ benefits they may be entitled to for long-term care. 

Some families may qualify for more than $2000 per month in benefits to help offset healthcare or long-term care expenses. In addition, spouses of veterans can also receive benefits. 

Under the VA rules, benefits can sometimes be used to pay a family member to provide care in the home! This is a wonderful solution for many families struggling with the challenges of aging.

Don’t miss out! If you know a wartime veteran who is over age 65 and may need assistance, please have them call us at 217-726-9200 to schedule an appointment and discuss the situation. We owe it to our veterans to find the care they need and help them age with dignity. It is our honor to help veterans and their families along the elder care journey.