10 Things To Think About With Burial Instructions

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Estate Planning

In many cases, burial instructions  or funeral wishes are prepared as a way to reduce stress in a family. However, Edwards Group has been involved in situations with families who were in court or threatening to sue over burial wishes. Of course, these are extreme and rare situations, but you should tie down this part of your plan if you have not already done so.

10 Things to Consider When it Comes to Funeral Wishes

  1. How important is it to you? Do you care how you’re buried or whether the family will have conflict in deciding things about your funeral?
  2. Who do you want to be in charge of your burial?
  3. Do you expect anyone to object or cause problems?
  4. Do you want to be cremated?
  5. Do you want a funeral service or a viewing? Do you have specific wishes regarding songs to be sung, scripture to be read, etc?
  6. Where will you be buried? Or where should your ashes be scattered?
  7. Who do you want contacted about your burial or death? Do you have a list of friends or long lost relatives to notify? Do you want something run in your hometown paper, etc.?
  8. Have you done any pre-planning at a local funeral home? Does your family know about it?
  9. What would you like included in your obituary? You could even write your own now, if you like.
  10. Are your burial instructions written down, legally? As opposed to scribbled down on a napkin, which would NOT be legally binding. A “Disposition of Remains” is the legal document to use in Illinois to specify your binding wishes.

Are burial instructions or funeral wishes one of the missing pieces of your plan? If you’d like our help documenting and creating an effective estate plan that also takes into consideration burial instructions, give us a call at 217-726-9200 to set up an Initial Meeting. You can also learn more by downloading our Funeral Planning Guide on our Resources page.