Our Most Popular Articles of 2010

by | Jan 3, 2011 | Estate Planning

Educating our clients and the community is something we highly value here at Edwards Group. The better educated you are about estate planning, the better we can meet your needs. We have built a content rich website to serve as a great resource for everyone in Springfield and the surrounding communities. Here is a top ten list of our most popular blog posts from 2010:

  1. Name Guardians for Your Kids
  2. Saving the Family Farm
  3. Keeping the Family Farm in the Family
  4. Estate Planning is Like… Your Favorite Board Game
  5. Approaching End of Life Issues with Forethought
  6. The Consumer’s Guide to Medicaid: 2010
  7. Sweaters in the Suitcase — and Your Living Trust Document
  8. 12 Wealth Threats You Must Know About
  9. What is Probate and Why do People Want to Avoid It?
  10. Living Trusts Typically Do Not Provide Asset Protection

If you still want guidance about where to go on our site or are unsure about where to start, check out our Start Here page. It covers a variety of topics and can point you in the right direction.