Estate Planning Fees and Our Money Back Guarantee

by | Feb 8, 2011 | Estate Planning

We talked a little last week about how estate-planning attorneys’ fees can be a real obstacle to effective planning. If you missed that article, be sure to check it out on our website HERE.

So how does Edwards Group charge fees in a way that will help you plan better?

Flat fees. Our estate planning is done on a flat fee, so you don’t have to worry about how much time we are taking (or billing) working on your plan. This also allows us to spend time getting to know you, hearing stories about your family, and finding out what’s really important to you.

Choose your own fee. New clients are presented with different planning options and the fees associated with each option. The options are based on the goals and concerns of the client. The client can weigh how important various goals are and whether the fee for that plan is worth the value.

No surprises. We get to know about your situation, including your family and finances, before we quote a fee. So you hear the fee before you commit to it. And then you know what it will cost to get the job done.

Money back guarantee. What kind of attorney offers a money back guarantee? Ones like us who are so confident in our process, and have seen a steady stream of clients be delighted with the way we do our estate planning process. Our clients get a money back guarantee and are told, that at the end of the planning process, if they feel they didn’t get the value for the price they paid, they can adjust the fee however they think is fair.

When I started Edwards Group in December of 2008, I wanted a firm that only focused on estate planning. I wanted everything we did to be designed around helping clients plan better and have more peace of mind. This includes how we charge our fees. Contact us to RSVP for an upcoming workshop or to schedule your initial meeting today. Just call (217) 726-9200.