Estate Planning is Like… Your Favorite Board Game

by | Oct 17, 2010 | Estate Planning

Board games are a fun way to hang out with family and friends. And guess what? Estate planning can be like a game! Which kind of game depends on you…

Bridge This game seems like a game for older people. Some people feel the same way about estate planning.

Solitaire No need to round up more players, just grab a deck (or click a mouse) and you’re ready. Some people like to do planning by themselves. Too bad these “do-it-yourself” plans often end up creating more work for attorneys like me. Read about five reason not to DIY your will here.

Monopoly With our busy lives, who has the time to play this game? Some people just can’t find the time to protect their legacy with proper planning, either. Lack of time is the greatest threat to an effective plan.

Trivial Pursuit All the rage in the 80’s and a good game to humble even the best of us. Some put off planning because their lack of legal knowledge makes them feel dumb. But isn’t that why you hire the attorney? Read about what estate planning attorney’s do here. Read about how to choose an excellent attorney here.

Sorry A game the entire family can play! Planning should be like this, with family discussions about what is most important in life. Kids who understand their parents’ plan will have much less stress when something happens.

Chutes & Ladders Some people think of planning as something so boring it ranks 2 steps below a root canal (or this popular children’s game). Most of my clients are surprised that our planning meetings are so enjoyable and go much quicker than they expect.

Mousetrap Remember those games that look fun but are just too much trouble? Some put off calling me because they think planning is so complicated they won’t know what to do. The reality? You already possess all the knowledge you need, and I will help you make the best choices that fit your family.

“We don’t play games.” Sooner or later, your family will have to play the estate planning game. If you don’t plan ahead for your death or disability, your family will miss out.


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