Guess What Was on the Front Seat? A Lesson in Security

by | Nov 20, 2012 | Estate Planning

Elisa, who helps with our newsletters and marketing, saw something interesting recently. I asked her to share it with you. Read on to find out what she saw:

Protecting Your Info

I was at Jimmy John’s in Bloomington a while back, on my way to visit Edwards Group, when the car I parked next to caught my eye. It was an older Oldsmobile (insert joke about your father’s Oldsmobile here), kinda banged up with all the windows rolled down. As I got out of my car I couldn’t help but notice a suit coat thrown over the passenger’s seat and legal briefcases in the backseat. I thought, “Wow. High tech security.” I wondered what kind of attorney would leave briefcases like that, most likely full of confidential information, out in the open without lock and key.

I ran into Jimmy John’s and got my Slim #1 and walked back to the car. As I passed the Oldsmobile this time I noticed a document sitting on the front passenger’s seat just below the suit jacket. It read, “The Last Will and Testament of…” and that’s when I stopped reading. I know all wills become public documents at some point, but the fact that it was just sitting there out in the open just didn’t feel right. What was this attorney thinking?

Naturally, I thought of my work with Edwards Group and how seriously Dave and the rest of the staff take security and confidentiality. They even use the latest technology to protect the sensitive information clients give them when working on their plans. And Dave most certainly doesn’t drive around town with your information in his car, windows down and car unlocked!

In case you’re wondering what kind of information you’ll need to give when you start working with Edwards Group, or if you’ve been putting off filling out the forms in the Starter Packet for your Initial Meeting, just click HERE to get started.