Quiz: Is My Family Ready for Their Inheritance?

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Estate Planning

Have you taken the necessary steps to prepare your family for their inheritance?

Estate planning isn’t just about securing your financial future; it’s also about preparing your heirs for the inheritance they will receive one day. Ensuring your loved ones are well-equipped to handle their financial legacy is a crucial part of responsible estate planning.

We’ve created a simple quiz to help you assess how well you’ve prepared your heirs.

Answer each question with “True” or “False.” By the end, you’ll better understand your readiness to pass on your legacy. Let’s begin!

1. I have a comprehensive and up-to-date will or trust that outlines how my assets will be distributed among my heirs. True / False

2. I have discussed my estate plan and my wishes with my family, ensuring they have a clear understanding of what to expect. True / False

3. My estate plan includes provisions to minimize estate taxes and other financial burdens on my heirs.
True / False

4. I have considered the potential impact of my assets on my heirs’ financial stability and have taken steps to mitigate any potential issues. True / False

5. My estate plan includes strategies to protect my assets from potential lawsuits, creditors, divorce settlements, or nursing home costs that may affect my heirs. True / False

6. I have designated responsible and trustworthy “helpers” as executors, trustees, and guardians for minor children (if applicable). True / False

7. I regularly review and update my estate plan to account for changes in my financial situation, family circumstances, or the law. True / False

8. I have documented important family values, stories, and instructions in a way that will be easily accessible to my heirs. True / False

9. I have communicated my expectations and the purpose behind the inheritance to my heirs, emphasizing the importance of responsible financial management. True / False

10. I have provided guidance on how my heirs should handle unexpected windfalls or large sums of money they may receive upon my passing. True / False

11. I’ve discussed with my attorney the potential consequences of a spouse’s remarriage after my passing and have my provisions accordingly. True / False

12. I have organized all my important financial and legal documents, making them readily accessible to my heirs when the time comes. True / False

13. I have explored options for charitable giving or philanthropic endeavors as part of my estate plan, if that’s something I’m interested in. True / False


  • Give yourself one point for each “True” answer.
  • Tally your score out of 13.

Interpreting Your Score:

  • 0-4: You may have some important steps to take to better prepare your heirs for their inheritance. Attending one of our upcoming workshops is the easiest way to get started.
  • 5-8: You’re on the right track, but there’s room for improvement in your estate planning.
  • 9-12: You have taken significant steps to prepare your heirs, but there may still be a few areas to address.
  • 13: Congratulations! You’ve done an excellent job ensuring your heirs are well-prepared for their inheritance.

Creating a thoughtful, comprehensive and effective estate plan is crucial to your family’s future. If your self-assessment leaves you with doubts or concerns, don’t worry. At Edwards Group, we specialize in crafting personalized estate plans that meet your unique needs and goals.

Contact us today at 217-726-9200 if you are unhappy with your answers to the above quiz or if you want to discuss your estate planning options. You can also check out our upcoming workshop dates to learn more about effective planning. We are here to help you ensure that you and your family receive an A+ when it comes to estate planning!