Quiz: Is My Family Ready for Their Inheritance?

by | Dec 2, 2010 | Estate Planning

Answer True/False to the following questions, then grade your own quiz and decide for yourself if your estate plan deserves an A+ or if your plan will need some more work.

1. If I died today, the amount I am leaving my children would make a dramatic change in their financial life.

2. My plan includes steps to protect my heirs’ inheritance from lawsuits or divorce.

3. I have considered what could happen to my assets if my spouse remarries after I’m gone.

4. My children or other heirs handle money as well as I do.

5. At least one of my children or grandchildren has a track record for shaky relationships or marriages.

6. I think an inheritance is a right rather than a reward.

7. Each of my kids and grandkids is unique, with different talents and challenges.

8. I have worked to preserve important family values and stories so my family will remember them.

9. I have reached a point in my life where my parenting job is done, so I no longer worry or share my wisdom with my children or grandchildren.

10. I have contact with my estate attorney at least once a year.

11. My attorney is aware of recent changes in my family.

12. I believe that, as a parent, my job is to do what is best for my children, even if it is not what my child wants at the time.

13. At the time I did my plan, I was a little confused about whether it was what I wanted.

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