The #1 Secret of Estate Planning

by | Feb 13, 2012 | Estate Planning

I’ve been thinking about all the workshops we’ve been doing. We enjoy leading them, and the response has been fantastic. People tell us they learn a lot. But it got me to thinking about the secret some people miss with their planning. It’s the secret that stands in the way of an effective Will or Trust.

Tell Us The BIG SECRET Already!

Today, we have unlimited knowledge all around us — books, the internet, blogs, magazines. And now we have added our workshops to that mountain of information. We most certainly value education here at Edwards Group, but too much knowledge can sometimes be an obstacle. More knowledge can lead to more questions or more confusion about how all the pieces fit together. Then those questions or confusion lead to inaction. So, what is the big secret? Take action.

The #1 secret of estate planning is TAKE ACTION. Without it, you’ll never have an effective estate plan.

So what do you do first? Where do you start? We’ve made the first step as easy as possible — attend a free workshop. Read more about those here.

Take a Step Towards Peace of Mind Today

To make that first step as easy as possible, we regularly hold workshops designed to help people better understand planning, how it can impact their life and how it can be done effectively. It’s a great time to get to know us and how we work, while reflecting on the unique issues that your family may need to address during the planning process.

Click here to see when our next workshop will be held. If you’re interested, email or call (217) 726-9200 to RSVP. Whatever you decide, please take action today!