Walls coming down at Edwards Group

by | Jun 25, 2010 | Estate Planning

What has been going on at Edwards Group LLC?   With the addition of Joshua Becker and Laura Peffley, we ran out of space.  So what to do?   Knock down walls.

After (or I should probably say “during”)

Here is the view into what used to be my office. Now part of my office is a hallway!


Pic from Feb. 2009 open house. To the left, that is my office door. You can see my diplomas, etc. on the wall.

Dave’s office – before and after

Here's my old, bigger office. This photo was taken from what is now the hallway.

Now a glimpse of my new office.

Now here is a view from the back (new part) of the office. You get a glimpse of my office thru the door on the left. The 1st photo above was taken from the counter with the coffee pot, looking back this way.