Hey Kids! Don’t Sell the Farm!

by | Jun 20, 2022 | EP-FamilyFarmsPage, Family Farm

Sometimes it’s hard for our kids to accept advice from us, their parents. Despite our life experience and wisdom, they make their own decisions. And the decisions they make can have big implications, especially when it comes to whether or not you should sell the family farm.

Here’s a true story about a family where the kids didn’t follow their dad’s advice:

Dad always said not to sell the farm. “Keep the land and you’ll always have income.” Then Dad died and left the farm to his daughters. Relatives and friends reminded them, “Don’t sell the farm.”

Well, guess what they did?

They sold the farm. The money was too tempting. They had some financial pressures and their spouses wanted to be able to spend some of the money.

Ten years later they said, “You know, I wish we had kept the farm like Dad told us. We don’t have anything to show for it now. The farm’s gone and so is the money we got from the sale.”

Edwards Group works with farmland owners on a regular basis to ensure their land is protected for future generations. We talk through the possibilities of how best to handle the farm and consider what the future implications of those decisions might be for all the family members involved.

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