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Planning can be daunting, so Edwards Group makes it easy


Clearly understanding you and your family is imperative before working together. This will allow us to build a relationship based on accountability and trust.


Preparing for the future will make everything easier for you and your family, and we’ll craft a clear and comprehensive plan to address all of your goals and needs.


Our commitment to you and your family is long-term, as this will allow you to fully benefit from the guidance you deserve.

Planning for every stage of life

At Edwards Group, we offer three types of life planning:


Age: 25+

Ideal For: Singles, Couples, Families

LifeStage: Healthy people of all ages

Purpose: Helps get your affairs in order with a comprehensive and effective plan that can grow with you

Works Well For Those…

  • Building nest eggs
  • Who are healthy, active, and living in your own home
  • Who do not have long-term care costs


Age: 55+

Ideal For: Older Individuals and Couples

LifeStage: Older adults preparing for future care needs; loved ones in declining health

Purpose: Helps protect assets, lays the groundwork for your financial legacy and eventually pays for long-term care, if needed

Works Well For Those…

  • Who want to age in place
  • Recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, but still at home
  • Concerned about the future cost of care
  • Having difficulty with self-care activities
  • Unable to live at home without assistance


Age: 65+

Ideal For: Individuals no longer able to stay safely at home or loved ones struggling to pay for care

LifeStage: In need of immediate care or already receiving it

Purpose:  Helps make immediate arrangements for a loved one’s long-term care

Works Well For Those…

  • Who are dependent on others for self-care
  • In need of long-term care outside the home
  • Struggling to pay for expensive care

We can assist you during any of these phases, contact us to talk:

What to expect at your initial meeting

Everyone needs clarity, especially when it comes to legal matters. At your initial meeting we’ll review your needs and goals, and explain exactly how we can assist you in reaching them.

Starter Packet documents

In order for you to hit the ground running, we’ve collected all the most important documents together in one place, including:

Wills and Trusts


Veterans Benefits

Probate & Trust Administration

Attend a Workshop

The small group setting of our workshops allow you to gain the insight you need to make wise planning decisions. Plus, they’re free!

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We’d love to help you start planning today, get in touch with us to schedule a meeting.