Erin Niekamp

Dynasty Member Coordinator 

As a Dynasty Member Coordinator at Edwards Group, Erin is dedicated to helping individuals secure their financial futures. With an extensive background in insurance and having been licensed to sell in five different states, Erin is well-equipped to provide experienced guidance to her clients. She is passionate about her work and takes great satisfaction in assisting her clients in protecting their assets. She is committed to providing exceptional service and positively impacting the lives of those she serves.

Erin was born in Quincy, Illinois, and raised in Payson, Illinois. She is an active member of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA), where she has held multiple board positions. Erin is always looking for ways to give back to her community.

Erin’s work is rooted in her desire to make a positive difference in the world. She is inspired by Attorney Dave Edwards, who shares her passion for helping and serving others. Erin also values the open and easy-flowing discussions she has with her clients at Edwards Group, as well as the opportunity to learn about their lives.

When she’s not working, Erin enjoys spending quality time with her family. She is a proud mother to her 10-year-old son, Carson, who shares her passion for sports, particularly baseball and basketball. She is also a dedicated St. Louis Cardinals fan. In her free time, she also enjoys going on motorcycle rides and singing karaoke.