Liis Casey

Estate Administration Fulfillment Manager

Liis joined the Edwards Group team as Asset Coordinator in September of 2011. She initially helped organize client assets and oversaw transfers both during planning and after death. To better reflect what she currently does, her title was recently changed to Trust/Estate Administrator. Most of Liis’ time is now spent working with after death probate, trust administration and real estate. (Basically, she does all the really hard, tedious stuff so you don’t have to!)

Born and raised in Estonia (a small country in northeast Europe), Liis decided to attend college in the States after finishing high school.

When asked about working at Edwards Group, Liis says that she loves that everyone works so well together.

Before joining Edwards Group she was a personal banker at Marine Bank. In her free time, Liis enjoys reading, running and traveling with her husband, Shawn. She recently gave birth to her first child, a son.