Melissa Coulter

Melissa Coulter

Elder Care Director

Melissa Coulter joined the Edwards Group team as the Benefits Coordinator in December 2014. As a Benefits Coordinator, she helped clients gather the necessary details and information needed to file for Medicaid and VA benefits that will help pay for long-term care. She then follows the process through to completion gathering any additional information that’s needed once the application has been submitted. The Benefits Coordinator is a vital position to the firm because the process is often difficult and complicated. A big part of her role is making sure the whole thing is a lot easier and less stressful on families.

Her role as a Benefits Coordinator naturally evolved into that of an Elder Care Advisor as she helped more and more families navigate the long-term care system. In this expanded role, she now helps families face the challenges that come with aging in America.

Melissa learned about the firm through Edwards Group’s retired Senior Asset Coordinator, Laura Peffley. Seeking “to do something meaningful” in her daily job, the opportunity to serve as Benefits Coordinator seemed like a good fit. “I wanted to give back to the community somehow and help people. I think I’ve finally found that here at Edwards Group,” says Melissa.

When asked about what drew her to the firm, Melissa responded, “They care so much about their clients. They truly take care of them like family. I’m amazed at how they know the infinite details about each one and the careful consideration that goes into each case. Each client and their needs are different and I think having the ability to have a positive impact on each one is something to be proud of. The staff here works incredibly hard and the environment is very positive and uplifting.”

When not at work, Melissa stays busy with school functions and sports events for her son, Ethan. Melissa’s husband, Bryan, works for Horace Mann Insurance. They both have family in nearby Quincy.