Effective Tools for Estate Planning: Dynasty Membership

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Asset Protection, Wills and Trusts

Edwards Group has many useful tools in its so-called toolbox to help you effectively plan. One of these tools is our Dynasty Membership. Much like protecting other big investments in your life, like changing the oil in your car or replacing the roof on your house, estate plans work best when they are a part of a regular maintenance schedule. People lead very busy lives with a lot of things to keep track of, but we focus solely on estate planning – it’s all we do! So that is why we developed the Dynasty program as a way to keep our clients’ plans up to date and ready for use when the time comes.


  • Lives change and your estate planning needs to keep up with those changes. The Dynasty program is designed to help you make changes in your planning easily and without additional cost.
  • The program is designed with built-in reminders so you keep your estate plan and asset list up to date.
  • Your kids or family members will meet your attorney and law firm staff before a crisis happens.
  • Our firm maintains a current list of assets owned and how they are titled or the beneficiaries named.
  • We stay up to date with the constantly changing tax laws.
  • Upon a death or disability, the family knows who to call immediately.
  • The plan gives you ongoing peace of mind that this aspect of your life is up to date and taken care of.


Members in the program pay us a monthly or annual retainer fee to take responsibility for updating their plan. On an annual planning cycle, we offer group educational events (where clients often bring their family members), reminders to review their plan, and Asset Review Reports for clients to update. Membership also includes any phone or email questions members may have about any legal issue, not just estate planning. Every other year, we also update all the legal documents affiliated with the estate plan, like wills and trusts. Any amendments to their plan, such as a change of trustee, are done anytime the client requests, at no additional charge. We also provide ongoing assistance with coordinating new assets and integrating them into the existing plan. New assets like buying a new car, purchasing real estate or an annuity can impact an estate plan.


Our memberships start at less than what you pay for your cable TV — about $56 per month (with a discount for annual payment). We feel like that is a very reasonable price for true peace of mind. Give us a call and get started today or read about the benefits of a Dynasty Membership here.