When a Spouse Remarries

by | Apr 4, 2012 | Wills and Trusts

What’s one of the biggest threats to a family’s inheritance?


“Bill, if something happens to me I want you to remarry. You need someone to take care of you. BUT she better not be named after a woodland creature or a spice — Bambi, Bunny or Ginger! Hahaha!”

Bill and Mary sometimes joked about remarriage. Then, after 40 years together, Mary died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Would Bill remarry? And if he did, would the new spouse take advantage of his finances? Or maybe spend too much? What if Bill adds the new spouse as a joint owner on bank or investment accounts?

If Bill dies before his new spouse, some or most of his assets could end up with her instead of his children. Will the kids be deprived of their inheritance because of a new marriage and poor planning? We see it happen all the time.

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