Here at Edwards Group, we offer three types of planning across the lifespan…


Estate Plan

  • For healthy people of all ages
  • Ideal for singles, couples, families
  • Ages 25+
  • Helps get your affairs in order with a comprehensive and effective plan that can grow with you
  • This type of planning is good for building nest eggs, if you’re healthy and active and living in your own home, and you do not have long-term care costs

To get started creating your comprehensive estate plan, give us a call to schedule an Initial Meeting at 217-726-9200.

Life Care Plan

  • For older adults looking ahead to future care needs
  • For loved ones in declining health who have been recently diagnosed with a long-term illness or disability
  • Ideal for older individuals and couples
  • Ages 55+
  • Helps get a head start on protecting assets, laying the groundwork for your financial legacy and eventually paying for long-term care, if it’s needed
  • This type of planning is good for those who want to age in place; those recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, but still at home; those concerned about the future cost of long-term care; those having difficulty with self-care activities; those unable to live at home without assistance

To find out which stage of the process you’re in, read our blog post — 5 Stages of Life Care Planning.

Crisis Plan

  • For loved ones needing immediate care or already in a nursing facility
  • Ideal for individuals who can no longer stay safely at home or those struggling to pay for the cost of a nursing home
  • Ages 65+
  • Helps make immediate arrangements for a loved one’s long-term care
  • This type of planning is good for those who are dependent on others for self-care; those in need of long-term care outside the home; those struggling to pay for expensive care

Crisis planning requires immediate help from one of our Elder Care Advisors. We encourage you to give us a call right away at 217-726-9200. You don’t have to continue to struggle alone! We can help.