Our goal is to help clients protect and grow their wealth. One important category of wealth for most families is real estate. This may include a house, vacation home, timeshare, farmland, or investment property.

We are prepared to help you grow and protect your real estate wealth by:

  • Representing you in the transfer, purchase or sale of real estate, including preparing contracts for purchase, attending real estate closings, and analyzing the tax impact of certain real estate transactions.
  • Helping you create a corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership with real estate –  to ease management, future transfer, and planning for estate or income taxes.
  • Advising you regarding the use of real estate in donating to charity, to maximize the amount going to charity, minimizing your taxes, and making sure your family is provided for as well.
  • Crafting asset protection strategies — both to protect you from risks arising from your real estate, but also to protect your real estate investment from liability risks you may encounter from other areas of your life or finances.

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