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There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with estate problems after a loved one’s death. Family and friends are already grieving, trying to get funeral arrangements taken care of, and then along comes an estate plan that costs them even more time, money and stress during one the most difficult times of their life.

We’ve been in the estate planning business for quite a while, and we deal with the repercussions of ineffective plans quite often. Our hope and dream is that every family would have an effective plan that carries out their wishes exactly as it should, while not costing those left behind any more emotional or financial loss.

We created this workbook to help people, who are interested in protecting their loved ones and everything they’ve worked so hard for, go through some of the common pitfalls we see everyday in our practice.

By taking just 30 minutes to assess where you stand when it comes to these 6 pitfalls, you could potentially save your family heartbreak and money, freeing them up to remember your life in a positive light. An effective estate plan is truly a wonderful gift for those left behind. 

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6 Estate Planning Pitfalls to Avoid will help you protect your loved ones, your legacy, and your peace of mind.